>A night of firsts


I was perusing the sale area of the Fat Quarter Shop and wound up buying my very first Moda Jelly Roll — at 40% off I might add!
Family camping trips are my fondest childhood memories (even the accompanying road trips). My dad is a big camper, and his birthday is coming up in April. My dad is also impossible to shop for. So I think a Happy Campers by American Jane quilt will be the perfect gift. 
I’ve never bought any pre-cuts smaller than a fat quarter. I’m usually the type to pick an overall pattern, and plan every inch of fabric I’ll need before going to the store. This usually results in my spending way more than I was expecting. Old habits die hard, though, and I had to have some idea of what to do with 2-1/2 inch strips of fabric before dropping $28… so my current plan is to do a log cabin block. The next decision will be whether to do traditional log cabin piecing with 2″ logs, or attempt QuiltDad’s Wonky Log Cabin Block.
For the center, I went searching the internets for cheap Happy Camper charm packs (even though charm packs are pretty cheap already). A google search brought me here…
…and I ended up making my first etsy purchase tonight as well! (I discovered that shipping charges on Etsy are remarkably reasonable.)
So to sum it up:
First pre-cut fabric purchases + First Etsy purchase = A quilt top at just under $40!

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