>My teeny tiny "stash"


So I decided to get my tiny quilting area organized. I had scrap fabric squirreled away in about three different places (in three different rooms!) so I gathered it all and dumped it on the floor…
scraps 1.jpg
I like to keep my scraps in plastic sandwich bags, so I can write the contents on the outside:
So now my teeny tiny “stash” is all organized in baggies, and sorted by coordinating colors… on my living room floor.

How big is your stash? And how do you keep it organized?

In other news, I am one of those people for whom online package tracking was invented. I sign up for e-mail updates from the post office and everything. My Happy Campers stuff should be here in a day or two! I can’t wait to start putting it together. I mapped out my plan last night, and I should be able to use just about every inch of what I’ve ordered. I’m excited that I can make a 60″ square lap quilt out of one jelly roll and one charm pack (plus backing and binding of course). I am, however, a bit nervous about the cutting. Since I’m planning to use every last inch, so there’s no room for cutting error!
Oh, and I almost forgot that today is Tuesday. And what’s better than finding a good deal on something? Winning something! Every Tuesday, Julie at jaybird quilts compiles a list of blogs doing giveaways. Check out her list for this week: Giveaways going on in blogland… wk9.

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