>the elusive perfectly matched corners


I hope I didn’t jinx myself with that title. I put together the first two rows of Happy Campers and (drumroll, please) … the corners match up!


I was pretty nervous about this when I began piecing my blocks, because despite my best efforts, they were not exactly 12½” square. But the quilting gods are smiling on me today, because the blocks seem to be off by the same amount. This has made my day.

One thing I learned while piecing the rows: be very aware of which end of the pin is going in your mouth. When I’m sewing and a pin gets in the way of my needle, I’ll usually just hold it in my mouth instead of trying to find my pincushion. While I was putting these two rows together, I stabbed myself in the lip. No blood, but boy did it sting!

In sale news: Take 10% off a purchase at Sew, Mama, Sew until March 15 using code “10MARCHLION2010”. I especially like the Modern Meadow collection, but the 10% off is good on sale stuff too!

Get 5% off at Piece n Quilt using code “12109news” — all their patterns and books are on sale until Monday.

And, of course, every day there’s an amazing deal from the Missouri Quilt Co. A couple days ago, I got a charm pack of Everything but the Kitchen Sink for less than $10 with shipping. I think I’m going to try my hand at whirlygigs with these.


3 thoughts on “>the elusive perfectly matched corners

  1. >This is so pretty! Glad to see you are a thrifty quilter. Way back when, quilts were made out of worn out clothing, so you are going back to the roots of the craft. 🙂

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