>slowing progress, time for a change of pace?

>I got one more row done on the Happy Campers quilt today. I’m so close to finishing the top I can almost taste it, but it seems the closer I get, the slower I work! I think I need to switch gears for a bit to get my motivation back. I’m dying to start a few other projects, but I’m still waiting for some fabric to come in before I can pre-wash. Since I have to pay $2.75 to wash and dry a load of laundry (no matter how small) at my apartment complex, I like to get my money’s worth with a full load.

Maybe working on the back will inspire me to finish the top. I have decided to use the remnants of my jelly roll (below) to piece a strip to go between the two backing pieces.


I should also be able to use the pieced strip to sort-of “underline” what I’m doing with my leftover charm squares. I’m planning to appliqué “Happy Campers” on the back, using one charm square per letter. I don’t, however, think I’m going to hand appliqué the letters. I’ll most likely be ironing them on after the quilting is done, along with a label.

All this business on the back makes me nervous about getting the backing straight with the front. Usually my quilt backs wind up a little off kilter.

So I’m considering attempting spray-basting this quilt. I read the instructions on a can at the fabric store, but I was still somewhat hesitant to buy it. I don’t have a whole lot of space to lay the sandwich out on the floor, and I have carpet, so I couldn’t really tape the backing down like most tutorials advise. If the directions on the can are accurate, it seems I could smooth the backing over the batting, then flip and do the same with the top. It seems easier to only mess with attaching one side at a time. But I have no idea how quickly the adhesive bonds or how long the bond lasts. I would absolutely love to hear some of your experiences with different basting techniques — especially if you have tips for basting in small spaces!


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