>finished quilt top and some blogs to check out


After dragging my feet for days, I finally finished assembling the quilt top. I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out, especially the corners. Tomorrow I plan to wash the backing fabric and assemble the back. I should be able to get it quilted this weekend!

Before I got started quilting this morning, I was drinking my coffee and perusing new blog updates on my Google reader and found two awesome blogs you should check out…

For amazing deals and fabric finds: The Fabric Shopper — Rosie is a seamstress who blogs about online fabric finds, including a “Saturday sales blitz,” among other things. Her “what’s on sale and where” page hosts a Google document where retailers can submit their sale information and is a must-visit when you’re shopping.

For tutorials and inspiration: Modify TraditionQuiltDad wrote about this in his latest post. These ladies “modify” traditional blocks by making them with modern fabrics. I was so enthralled when I clicked over, I had a hard time pulling myself away from the computer!


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