>it’s Friday!

>I had every intention of posting yesterday, but I had a surprise houseguest. Spring break in Austin means South by Southwest, which means there are a million extra people here. For those of you who don’t know, SXSW is a festival of festivals. There’s a film festival, a music festival, and an interactive portion. So a friend decided at the last minute to come enjoy some of the music festivities Wednesday night and — surprise! — I had a houseguest to entertain Thursday afternoon. No complaints here, it’s always fun when people come to visit. Just sayin’, it threw off my schedule a bit. Luckily I managed to get everything all washed and ready Wednesday afternoon, so when my friend left yesterday I busted out the rotary cutter and dug in.


I’m really excited about Rachel’s pinwheel sampler quilt-along. They’ve already made four blocks (actually eight, since we’re making two of each block design). My grand idea was to cut the fabric for all eight blocks at once. That may have been a silly plan, because I needed different quantities of squares in three or four different sizes. My brain started to hurt a bit, and I cut pieces the wrong size more than once. The good news is I’m half-way to being caught up:

block one.JPG
block one

block two.JPG
block two

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, in spite of my tired, mushy brain. I had to take the orange and yellow version of block two apart and put it back together because the points were so very off. It’s still not perfect, but after looking at the picture I feel better about it.

I’m really excited to finish catching up tonight — it’s the Friday Night Sew-In! I’m going to get started now!


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