>grumble, grumble

>Well I was on a roll yesterday after basting Happy Campers, so I decided to get to cutting the sashing strips for my whirlygigs. I got everything cut and sat down to start sewing, when I realized I forgot to include seam allowances on the width of the strips! I cut 25 8½” x 2″ strips. I want them to be 2″ wide finished! I also cut six 2″ x WOF strips for the horizontal sashing. This wound up using ⅔ of a yard. Now I have a decision to make.

  • I could go ahead and use what I cut, losing 3″ from the height of the quilt and 2½” from the width. If I stick with 4″ borders, this will give me a finished quilt measuring 47½” x 58″ (which is a bit awkward).
  • I could make up the difference by making a wider border, probably 6″. This would give me a finished size of 51½” x 62″. Still awkward, but big enough to cuddle under on the couch.
  • I could go ahead and cut the strips out correctly, and toss what I have aside for future days. With 2″ finished sashing and 4″ finished borders, the quilt will measure 50″ x 60″. Nice, even measurements, and the perfect size for laying on the couch.

I’m torn, because this was supposed to just be a fun, easy lap quilt. I don’t want to over-complicate it, but I still want it to be visually appealing. I think 8″ blocks with 1½” sashing might look kinda funky. I also don’t want to waste what I’ve already cut.

What would you do?


3 thoughts on “>grumble, grumble

  1. >If you have enough fabric left I would cut new strips the size you want and save the miss-cut strips for something else. No use putting all the work into something you won't be pleased with!

  2. >Unless you really, really hate it, I'd say go with what you cut already. No one but you will realize the finished project is a slightly awkward dimension. They'll be too busy admiring how beautiful it is.

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