The above is a result of mixing insomnia with the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. This post led me to this tutorial. I had to modify it a bit, because I didn’t have a dishtowel that I actually wanted to look at. I keep mine hidden under the sink when not in use. I also wanted mine to be a bit wider to hold the stack of newspapers that was cluttering my the kitchen counter. I know I’m crazy, but I keep the Science Times piled up for when I feel like reading something … sciencey. I miss getting the History channel.


In any case, I don’t have a lot of fabrics in my stash. These brown corduroy and seersucker stripe fabrics are left over from a purse I made five or six years ago. The corduroy was the sturdiest fabric I had. These aren’t my favorite fabrics, but sometimes ya gotta work with what ya got, right? I added some cheapo polyester batting scraps and quilted it in 1½” diagonal lines. I used painter’s tape to mark the lines, and it worked surprisingly well! I’m glad I got to try that, because that’s how I’m planning to mark lines on the Happy Campers quilt.

So now my kitchen counter is much cleaner and I covered up the ugly phone jack on that wall!


All in all, a successful and productive sleepless night. I have a renewed interest in trying to bust through what fabrics I have, even if they’re not my favorite. Tomorrow I begin my adventure to find some high-quality quilting thread to use on Happy Campers.


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