>and now for something completely different


block six.JPG
pinwheel sampler quilt-along block 6

As you can see, I finished block six of Rachel’s pinwheel sampler quilt along. I’m really not too thrilled with one of the blocks. (Can you guess which one?) I also pieced them differently. On the cool block I pieced it into squares instead of rows, and I found it to help a lot with the seams on this particular layout.

I also joined another quilt-along. Julie, the author of one of my very favorite blogs: Jaybird Quilts is hosting a hexagon quilt-along. It was a lovely excuse to get some of Josephine Kimberling’s Glam Garden, and it was on sale at Burgundy Buttons. The discount worked out to just about equal the cost of shipping.


…And now for something completely different!

All-righty bloggy friends. Leah at Burgundy Buttons has deemed today Mo ’bout Me Monday a.k.a. SWATCH.com day. (Let’s just pretend it’s still technically Monday… by the time my Monday is over it’s usually well into Tuesday morning). Leah wrote:

I realized that we have thrown ourselves into this little virtual world and wrapped ourselves into this web of friends without really knowing anything about each other- well except that we all like fabric!

So I thought I would take Mondays and make it a Mo ’bout ME day. I tell you something about ME and then you tell me something about YOU! It’s like our own little Match.com for Fabric Friends! Would that be SWATCH.COM? Hey- what a Great Name!! SWATCH.COM it is!

(I highly recommend following her blog, btw. Leah has some great stuff up there, and she often posts info about sales at her shop, Burgundy Buttons.)

I could not agree more! The reason I started this blog was to get to know other quilters. So in homage to Leah, here’s a little about me, in hopes that you’ll share with me a little about you!

I’m 24 years old, and I live deep in the heart of Texas. I grew up in Arlington, and moved to Austin in 2004 to go to the University of Texas (obligatory Hook ‘Em). I love Austin, so I just kind of stuck around after graduating. It took me about two years after finishing college to wind up in a “grown up” job. I work at the local newspaper as an editorial assistant (I post stories to the Web site at night. It’s entirely un-glamorous). They let me work one night on the copy desk each week, where I proofread and write headlines and photo captions. I’m hoping to move over to the copy desk eventually.

The first thing I do when I get home from work each night is put on my pajamas. I could live in my pajamas. I usually don’t get dressed for work until an hour or so before I have to leave, unless I have errands to run before-hand.

I definitely get my craftiness from my dad. He is a DIY kinda guy. He laid all the tile in my parents’ house by himself. He also took down the wallpaper and textured the walls. He’s currently working on building himself a smoker out of a huge propane tank that he bought on Craigslist. I love building things, too, but since I live in a tiny apartment the closest I get is assembling furniture bought at Ikea. I do, however, know how to safely operate power tools. But I can’t change the oil in my car.

Another thing I got from my dad is a love of all things Willie Nelson. With that said, I’m not really all that “into” music. I enjoy listening to music, sure, but I’m just not one of those people who seeks out new bands. I am absolutely terrible at defining musical genres. I run into this a lot because my boyfriend is a musician, and people always ask me what kind of music he plays. My best answer is some mix between Grizzly Bear/Animal Collective and Pet Sounds/the Beatles’ White Album.

I do, however, love TV. I know that sounds almost pathetic, but I do. I love TV more than movies, and definitely more than music. I really like keeping up with timelines and continuity on my favorite shows, and seeing the characters grow over time. Some of my favorite shows on the air these days are Lost (I’m obsessed), 30 Rock, The Office, House, Bones, Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family and Ugly Betty (only two episodes left of this one). I’m getting to really like the sci-fi dramas like Fringe, V and Flash Forward, too.

I mentioned before that I want to be a copy editor. I have always been known as a stickler for all things grammar. I had a professor once who would give extra credit if we e-mailed her about any errors in handouts she gave us — if all my professors had done that, I would have graduated with a much higher GPA!

There’s a lovely lady at my office who keeps a desk drawer stocked with candy. If this post is too much stream-of-consciousness rambling, blame her!

In any case, I’m Meghan. Nice to meet you!


4 thoughts on “>and now for something completely different

  1. >We have more things in common! I am quite the stickler for grammar (it's painful to live in the South though) and LOVE my jammies. I often make my own! All that cute little snuggly fabric that has no place in my quilts? Well, it makes great jammies from a pattern for scrub pants!Nice to meet you!

  2. >Hi Meghan!I'm happy to hear that you are back to quilting! Your line about going broke is sooo true! If my hubby only knew how much I spend on fabric!I also love Ugly Betty (she looks so pretty without her braces!) and Lost! OMG – I can't wait until we find out what the heck is going on!Nice to meet you!

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