>star sightings and bee musings

>I just had to buy the new American Patchwork at Quilting magazine at the grocery store today. I really need to renew my subscription… Anyway, I was flipping through and whose bright smiley faces did I see? Bradie and Julie, featured in a full-page Moda Bakeshop ad. I have to admit for a moment I was a bit star struck. I read their blogs religiously, and I’ve exchanged e-mails with these ladies! I’ve been trying to hunt down the May/June issue of McCalls Quilting Magazine to read Julie’s article. I’m hoping it will show up at my local Jo-Ann store soon.

I’ve been wanting to join a virtual quilting bee for a little while now. It seems like such a great way to meet other quilters out there on the internets, as well as create something for someone without having to buy fabric. For anyone unfamiliar with how bees work, it’s typically a group of 12 quilters. Each month, one of the members mails out fabric and maybe some design requests or block layouts to the other 11 members. Everyone makes a block and mails it back, so by the end of a year, everyone has a quilt made by the bee members. Elizabeth at Oh! Frasson has a great post about quilting bees. There’s also a brand spankin’ new blog called Quilting Bee Blocks (click on over there, they’re having a give-away!(, that grew out of a Flickr group. Well that Flickr group just happens to be one of the best places to get the scoop on upcoming bees looking for members. Quite a few people have posted in past couple of days saying they were interested in a beginner’s bee. Well, one of the group’s admins, Erin, suggested we stop trolling for a beginner’s bee and go ahead and start one. And, well, I may have volunteered to be the “bee mama.” So, if you’re interested in jumping in head-first with me, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment here.


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