>Exciting day

>Fridays are awesome. Fridays are the only day of the week that I have no obligations. I usually spend my Fridays in my pajamas (all day) sitting at my sewing machine.

Last night, I finished the shell of the tote bag for my mom (yay!):

tote outer shell.JPG

The materials for the lining and handles are all cut and ready to go, but I wanted to get started on this, which needs to be completed a few weeks before the tote:

painters tape.JPG
(bad picture, but you get the idea)

I just finished marking guides for quilting the Happy Campers quilt! I had to take a break to eat, so I thought I’d post this little update. It took longer than I thought to get the tape on there right, but I developed a system after a bit and it started to speed up. I’ve used painters tape to mark once before, on the hanging organizer I made last week. It worked really well. The best part is that you don’t have to actually mark on the quilt! The tape is made with a very gentle adhesive, so it comes off easily when you’re done, and it doesn’t leave any icky residue on the fabric. Oh, and you can re-use it a few times before it completely loses its tackiness. I’m hoping I won’t have to make any more tape-squares; I can just move these from row to row as I go.

And now I am in need of advice from all you lovely seamsters and seamstresses out there. I have little to no experience sewing clothing. My boyfriend came home from work today and showed me this …

sad pants.JPG

… a huge rip in the only pair of pants he has to wear to work. I have today and tomorrow to fix it. I assume I’ll need a patch of some type. I am in dire need of recommendations and tips. Seriously, explain it to me like I’m five years old. I have to have these fixed in about 24 hours :/


2 thoughts on “>Exciting day

  1. >1. Find a piece of fabric for inside.2. Cut a piece of wunder Under or some kind of fusible. 3. fuse to the piece of fabric.4. Now cut the fabric with the fusible about 1 inch bigger than the rip all the way around.(The fabric is going on the inside. SO it will be fabric, fusible, pant fabric)5. Get the rip as closed up as you can and iron.6. I use the end of my ironing board. Place the fabric on the board with the fusible up then put the pants on top. I use pins to secure the pants in place, then iron.7. After your ironing is done go to the sewing machine and zig zag all over that rip. Now you've finished the first patch. I would recommend a second patch on the top that hides the rip but the real strength is in all the zig zagging and the other fabric on the inside.

  2. >So, how did this go? (I'll search your blog to see if you gave an update.) Crafty Maine Mom gave EXCELLENT instructions; this is what I would have done, too.

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