>birthday presents and a question

>I know I wasn’t supposed to add anything to my plate, but I had to make a couple of quick Make Life birthday presents this past week. Now that they have each been gifted, I can show you all!


This is a reporter’s notebook cover I made for my friend Patrick using a couple of the solid squares from my Make Life layer cake. It turned out a bit dorkier than it had looked in my head, but he still liked it. I’m pretty proud of myself for engineering the pockets and pen slot without following any instructions.

makeup bag.JPG lining.JPG

This is a quick Make Life makeup bag, using only two layer cake pieces, some batting, and a zipper. I just made it up as I went, and I could only find a 7″ zipper, so the edges on either side of the zipper are a little funky.


I’m gonna toot my own horn here and brag on my free-motion quilting. I’m getting more confident with it, but only on small projects. I basted it with Wonder Under, since it was pretty small, and it was so much easier to quilt without having pins in the way, and it didn’t shift one little bit.

Oh, yes, I have a very important question for you guys… I’m going to finish quilting Happy Campers today, and hopefully be able to get the binding at least half-way done. I was planning to appliqué the words “HAPPY CAMPERS” on the back after I quilted it, and hand-stitch the edges down so that you can’t see the stitching through the front of the quilt. However, I’m getting a bit worried about time. I have to have this thing completely done, washed, wrapped up and ready to go see my dad on Friday. I also have to put a label together. So I’m considering getting some no-sew fusible and just using that for the appliqué. I would love to hear y’all’s experiences with different fusibles, specifically with no-sew and how they look as time wears on. Any and all advice, experience and/or tips are immensely appreciated!


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