>Spring to Finish Challenge halfway check-in


(more on this later)

Yesterday was the half-way point for the Spring to Finish Challenge. So far, I’ve checked four things off my list… six to go β€” yipes. I think I may modify my list… I don’t want to rush through the quilting on the Pinwheel Sampler, so my new goal is to have the top assembled by May 31. That’s not cheating too much, right?

My family came to Austin on Sunday for Mother’s Day since I had to work that night (oh the joys of working in a 24/7/365 business). My brother came a little early so we could get the garden tote all filled with goodies:

garden tote.JPG

Our mom loved it! We went to the park to see a play by a local theater group called Austin Shakespeare. They put on a play in the park each year, and they had a special Mother’s Day matinee. When you’re part of a huge group of people picnicing, you’re going to see quite a few quilts:


I really liked how these two huge quilts matched. I couldn’t get close enough to see if they were “real” quilts or the mass-manufactured ones you can buy at a home decor place. My family used a quilt that my mom’s step-grandmother had given her for her high-school graduation. We’ve used this thing for picnics my entire life. It has definitely seen better days.

step-great-grandmother's quilt.JPG

I realized this weekend that it’s entirely hand-pieced and hand-quilted. Wow. The reason I could tell it was hand-pieced is that some of the stitches are coming open. My mom said she wants me to take it apart and fix it someday. The key word there is someday… πŸ™‚

nautical print.JPG

I’m loving this nautical print. I wish I knew more about the fabrics. I wonder if they were leftover scraps, or if they were meant for the quilt. I’m leaning toward leftover scraps, but I guess I’ll never really know.

Do you have any heirloom quilts in your family?


2 thoughts on “>Spring to Finish Challenge halfway check-in

  1. >I love the nautical print one too!! The whole thing is gorgeous! I'm sorry it ended up raining but I know yall had fun anyways. I love the gift yall gave your mom, so creative! πŸ™‚

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