>Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Whirlygigs!


I’m back after a long (almost two weeks!) absence. I’ve been trucking away on my Whirlygigs. I finished the quilting during the Friday Night Sew-In but didn’t post Saturday, because I wanted to show the finished product, so here it is!


This is my quilt for Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival. This quilt is special to me because I made it just for me! It’s the perfect sitting on the couch quilt, and it’s a fun design I had been wanting to try out. I started this quilt about two months ago, and it sat on a shelf for a long time while I was distracted with other projects. One of the main reason this project was shelved for so long is that I was rather frustrated when I failed to include the seam allowance in the width of the strips I cut for the sashing. Rather than toss the strips and start over, I decided to run with it, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I think “fudging it” is part of the beauty of quilting, you can break the so-called rules and still wind up with a fantastic finished product!


I especially like the back of this quilt. I used my few remaining charm squares to make some 4″ square whirlygigs (the ones on the front are 8″ square) and bordered them in ½” of the pink Minny Miu border print. All it needs now is a label…

quilting close-up.JPG

I also learned that straight-line quilting is sooooo much quicker and less stressful! I used a programmed stitch on my machine through the center of the sashing. Then I just stitched straight lines a quarter inch away from the outlines of my whirlygigs to make them pop a little.


The biggest achievement for me, though, was the binding. I’ve been wanting to do a striped bias binding for a while, so I found some pretty yellow 100% seersucker at Jo-Ann. The achievement is that this is my first quilt with hand-stitched binding! I finally broke down and gave it a shot. I used Amy’s fabulous tutorial, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. My favorite part about hand-stitching the binding is that I can include some extra batting in there (I trimmed a half inch away from the stitching instead of a quarter), so the binding is nice and puffy, not flat.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts so far in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and can’t wait to read more. As I write this, there are more than 500 participants! Please click the button up top and check them out!


19 thoughts on “>Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Whirlygigs!

  1. >oh, I love this pattern! I made a pillow using it, it is such a cheery and happy pattern, isn't it? I love your quilt, and what a great idea to use the whirlygigs even on the back. great work!Kristinawww.priscillacraft.blogspot.com

  2. >It's great to see and "old-fashioned" quilt! As much as I love contemporary quilts, it's always fun to go back to one's roots, and there is something completely charming about designs like this one. Lovely quilt.

  3. >it looks great!I'm also working on one myself, slightly different layout though….the top is almost done, just waiting for some fabric to arrive in the mail to finish, then I have to figure out what to do with the back…..I really love what you did, but I'm thinking of something different for mine.Thanks for sharing it and entering into the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

  4. >That was a fun post to read and the best words were "just for me". Thank you for explaining the process, speedbumps and all. I love your quilt and the backing is fabulous.

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