>Potholders and more…

>Can you believe it’s June already? Feels like just yesterday it was April!

Potholder Pass Round 3 is complete. I made a pair of potholders I was really happy with…

potholder pass round 3.JPG

… and received a pair I am even happier with!

These came to me from Mary of Pin Sew Press, and they are just fabulous. (Thanks again, Mary!) It made my day to pull these beauties out of the mailbox! It was a really good mail day today, because I also got a little package from my best friend in the world, Jimmie. (I can say best friend in the world because she lives in Taiwan!) I only get to see her once or twice a year, and she sent me a cute letter on some Asian stationary and some mix CDs 🙂

As May drew to a close, so did the Spring to Finish Challenge. I racked up eight finishes in six weeks — two of which were completed quilts! I had a rough month, so I had to cut myself some slack and two things from my list are yet unfinished. They’ll get there eventually… 🙂

What’s brightening your day today? How many projects did you complete last month?


4 thoughts on “>Potholders and more…

  1. >i love the potholders that you made…love the fruit-filled centers (sounds like a yummy desert!)i also love the potholders that you received…..so bright & cheery & summery!and great job on the Spring to Finish Challenge….i finished 8 projects as well, what kept me from finishing my list was i kept starting new projects.

  2. >Wow, I really like the potholders you made! I like the stars and the unique shape, and the apples in the center are a nice touch. Lucky partner!

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