>I have a confession to make…

>I touched my sewing machine today for the first time in almost three weeks. Last night I was talking with a good friend of mine who does beautiful oil paintings, and sells a bunch of them around Central Texas. I told him what I hadn’t really told anyone else until now: that I hadn’t sewn in weeks. My friend simply said, “Well you probably should.” Then we talked about the creative process and hitting road blocks, and I realized I had burnt out somewhere in May. I have a hard time achieving balance in my life sometimes, and I spent far too much time only quilting and going to work. It kind of takes the joy out of it and makes it feel like a chore. But

wall hanging top (front?)
(Sorry for the bad picture, I took it on my phone cause I misplace my real camera. I promise better pictures of the finished product later!)

… today I turned on the iron, busted out my rotary cutter and finally got to something I had been wanting to do for a while. After talking with my friend last night, I decided I needed something quick and easy to work on to get me back in the groove. This mini quilt has been in my Flickr favorites for a while, and I’ve had a sketch on graph paper pinned on the wall above my sewing machine for far too long. I also have a nasty empty spot staring at me from above my TV. I put together the top (front?) of this wall hanging and basted it this afternoon before work. The best part is I didn’t have to buy a thing. I had just enough leftover white Kona from the Potholder Pass (well almost — do you see the seam in the bottom right square?), and the back will just be muslin since it’ll be against the wall anyway.

But I need some advice: First, I’m dying to hear any tips on making and attaching a wall-hanging sleeve that won’t show. Second, I’d really love to hear what you do to pull yourself out of a funk, or how you deal with that burnt-out roadblock feeling.


5 thoughts on “>I have a confession to make…

  1. >A hanging sleeve that won't show? I will have to do a tutorial on that! It's pretty simple. After you quilt the top and sew the binding to the front by machine, trim the excess batting as if you are going to flip te binding and hand stitch. But wait, don' hand stitch yet. Make a rectangle fabric about 7 inches wide by the width of your quilt. Fold the 2 end edges in a 1/4 inch and press. Top stitch (yep pictures will help ALOT). then fold the rectangle up raw edge to raw edge, wrong sides together to make a 3.5 inch by width of quilt piece. Take the raw edge of the long rectangle and line it up with the top edge of your bind. Sew right over your binding stitches. then hand stitch your binding to the sleeve. The bottom edge of the sleeve will also need to be tacked down similar to your binding slip stitch. it's on the back, but be careful not to catch the front of your quilt. As I said, I should take some pics and do a tutorial on this. I hope I helped and didn't confuse you too much.

  2. >Love your wall hanging. I usually only get to sew on Sunday afternoons, so that time is pretty precious. I don't get burned out often, mainly I think because I usaully loose one Sunday a month to family activities (some months I'll loose up to 3). When I do find that sewing holds little appeal, I'll read or work on some digital photo scrapbooking projects that I never have time for. Recently I've done a lot of quilts as gifts (Christmas, Retirement, fundraisers), so I've had deadlines, which usually pushes me back into my sewing room. That gets me going again and finishing one project always makes me feel like I have permission to start something else.

  3. >Burnout is hard–your sewing machine looks at you from across the room and makes you feel bad, the projects pile up, you Google Reader feels like it is a living, breathing chore…I get it! My Modern Quilt Guild meetings and sewing bee really help get me out of the "rut." After an hour or two with them I can't help but get excited about things I want to make!

  4. >I love your wall hanging! What fabrics are those. This is just stunning! I'm pretty much a newbie (on and off quilter for about 4 yrs). I've just gotten inspired by all these new modern fabrics. As for being in a lull…For me, Flickr is a great inspiration and it always makes me want to make a new quilt. I find having a simple project helps me stay motivated on the bigger ones.

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