>hexagon progress!

>A lot of people have been taking the “process pledge” and writing more about their process in creating a quilt. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to fill you guys in on my process.

I quilt in a corner of my living room, and I don’t have space for a design wall. I also don’t have any quilt design software (I don’t think they make it for Macs). So I either sketch or use Adobe InDesign to lay out designs. Here’s an example of an Adobe layout I made for the ORB Hexagon Quilt-Along:

I took individual photos of each of my hexagons, did a little photoshop magic, then arranged them in an InDesign document. Once I had everything arranged, I got it all put together:

Hexagon QAL top.JPG

I know it seems like a lot of work, but it would have taken most of my living room floor to lay it out, and then I would have been stepping on everything whenever I wanted to move something. It’s just so much easier for me to drag the pictures around on my screen.

In other hexagon news, I was bored the other day after work, and I made myself a little bookmark:

hexagon bookmark.JPG

What’s your latest impulse project?


3 thoughts on “>hexagon progress!

  1. >your doing great!!!I have a cheap design wall!!lol!!I got a tablecloth from the Dollar store with a flannel back and I staple this to a wall and the fabric blocks holds on to it !!Love the hexies!!

  2. >I have a design wall in the laundry room…not ideal but best until I can steal one of the kids' bedrooms….mwah ha ha. Your projects are fantastic and I love your use of color! Latest impulse project: ruffled notcards from Little Lady Patchwork blog. Too cute to part with!Happy Quilting,Heather =)

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