>Bee blocks

>So it occurred to me that I’ve yet to show you guys the blocks I’ve been making for my Virtual Quilting Bee (VQB), the Bee in my Bonnet. So here’s a little wrap-up of what I’ve contributed to our first quarter…

Deanna was nice/brave enough to volunteer to go first, and got us kicked off in May with string blocks:

deanna's block.JPG

We used a white square for the foundation, rather than paper, and they came out really well. Deanna’s actually pretty close to having the quilt top put together, and I can’t wait to see it!

Then, for June, Kelly requested some wonky log cabin blocks. I dug some out of my stash to make two blocks for her:

kelly's block 1.JPG Kelly's block 2.JPG

This was my first time making anything wonky, and you can tell how my first block (on the left) turned out more straight than wonky! But I think the different degrees of wonkiness will play off each other well in Kelly’s finished quilt.

For July, Candi gave us some lovely open-ended instructions: right angles, no wonkiness please. She also had a beautiful array of fabrics. So I perused the Quilting Bee Blocks Flickr group, and found some glorious inspiration. I followed the tutorial at Little Miss Shabby and cut what seemed like a billion 1½” squares. I “sketched” out my designs (using computer-generated graph paper, a sharpie, and some highlighers) and laid out all the teeny pieces on my new, big table. Each block took about three hours, but I am so happy with how they turned out:

Candi's block's together.JPG

It’s going to take all my willpower to take these to the post office tomorrow 🙂

I love how each month I get to learn something new or try a new technique. If you’re interested in joining a VQB, check out the Quilting Bees 101 page of the Quilting Bee Blocks blog. There’s also a link from the blog to their fabulous Flickr group, which is just teeming with inspiration.

This is entirely unrelated, but I finally figured out how I want to piece the back of my Hexagon QAL quilt, and it’s left me with an untouched layer cake of Glam Garden. I love this fabric line, but I’m currently at a loss as to what to do with the layer cake. What would you make with it?


8 thoughts on “>Bee blocks

  1. >love it! do you just do squares? are you doing whole quilts? i am jealous. i am looking into purchasing a quilt for my bed (im re-doing my room) wanna take an order? or do you know any etsy sites or anything with some great quilts!?

  2. >Hi Meghan- Those blocks for Candi are amazing! I'm sure you know about Moda Bake Shop already, but they have some great layer cake patterns. I can recommend Lap Quilt "In a Jiffy" and the "Piece of Cake" folded star pattern (I'm working on that one right now, without the sashing b/c I don't have enough fabric for sashing. The Freebird Interpretations Quilt would also look great in Glam Garden. Just some ideas – can't wait to see what you come up with!

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