>Crafty A.D.D.

>I feel like I’ve had crafty A.D.D. lately. I get to a mid-point with a project and then just completely switch gears! Does this happen to you? I was so psyched about my hexagon QAL quilt, but I keep finding ways to put off basting and quilting it. Though I did finish one of my distraction-projects last night:

robot pillow.JPG

This started a week or so ago. I came home from work one night and thought “I finally want to do something with that cute robot fat quarter I won a while back.” So I started putting together a haphazard log cabin block. (Side note, I think I’m liking “haphazard” better than “wonky.” Thoughts?) I was planning to make a small wall hanging, but then I remembered I had a naked pillow form in my closet, and it just grew from there.

robot pillow close up.JPG

Here’s a close-up of the quilting. It took a while, but I really like the effect. I just quilted straight lines within each “log.” And since it’s a pillowcase, I didn’t have to hide the thread ends, I just pulled them to the back, tied them off and trimmed them. Gotta love that!

I was walking home from work last night and the craziest thought popped into my head: “I’m craving a jelly roll.” For those non-quilters reading, no I was not craving a pastry. I was craving a lovely roll-up of 42 2½”x44″ strips of beautiful fabric. I think a huge part of the reason is that I kept coming back to stare at this beautiful patchwork table covering that Aneela at Comfort Stitching made with just a jelly roll and some background fabric.

I ended up ordering a Fandango jelly roll from Piece N Quilt. Natalia is de-stashing and has a few bundles of 10 fat quarters that she’s selling for only $15 (that’s only $6/yard)! I had to pick up one of those, too, of course!

So no more shopping for me for a while, but at least I have a billion projects to work on in the mean time. I just need to work up the motivation to quilt some stuff that’s already pieced. The quilting is definitely one of my least-favorite parts of the process. Encouragement in the comments is always greatly appreciated 🙂 How do you power through your least favorite part of the process?


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