>A quilter who doesn’t have a quilt on her bed?

>Yes, I’m that girl — a quilter without a quilt on her bed. It’s not that I’m overwhelmed by making a queen-size quilt or anything like that. I just really love my fluffy down comforter! I love the look of quilts on beds, but I just don’t like the feeling of sleeping under one. I know, I’m crazy! Anyway, I have a store-bought duvet cover, but I couldn’t sleep last night and decided one of my next “big” projects will be making a patchwork duvet cover. It will be “quilted” in the sense that I’ll back it with muslin or something like that, but no batting. I stayed up for hours looking through magazines and Flickr groups for inspiration. Of course I found an overwhelming amount! Here are some of my favorites:

As you can see, I have a lot of narrowing down to do! I want to try to avoid anything with too much white (cause I’m lazy and don’t want to wash it too often, ha!), and something that will go well with my black bed frame. I’m thinking lots of bright, bold colors…

I think I’ll also make a “real” quilt to hang on the footboard and move to the bed during the winter months to keep my feet nice and toasty at night. Now I just have to decide on a pattern and figure out what colors I want to go with! (My room is kind of a blank slate once you take the duvet I’m using now out of the picture.)

I won’t be able to start this project for a while (lots of time to let ideas marinate!), because I really want to try out a voile or cotton lawn to get a nice feel and easy drape. These tend to be a bit more expensive, but it’ll be worth saving for. I’ve never worked with anything but a mid-weight cotton before, so I’d love to hear any tips on working with lighter fabrics.

Today was the deadline in Amy’s One Thing, One Week Challenge. I haven’t 100% finished the secret wall-hanging yet, but I did finish quilting and attaching the binding to the front. It’s about 28″ square, so I’m holding out hope that I might finish at some point tonight. Pictures to come as soon as it lands at its new home 🙂


2 thoughts on “>A quilter who doesn’t have a quilt on her bed?

  1. >That sounds like a really great idea.I have ever told you that you're super talented?I hope you know that one day in a million years when I move back stateside, I want you to make a throw quilt for me. Ya know, something I can snuggle up with on the couch because I'll still be too poor to afford to turn on the heater and far too lazy to build a fire. I loved snuggling up with your star quilt on the couch and watching TV when we were living together.

  2. >I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! I also don't have a quilt on my bed – I usually put a throw quilt on there, but it definitely doesn't match the room. It's probably time for me to make something that matches and actually fits over both of us in bed!

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