>design help?

>I’ve been in the process of designing something for my Fandango jelly roll. I got the “craving” for a jelly roll after seeing Aneela’s quilt at Comfort Stitching. I’ve been wanting to do something with flying geese for a while, and the other night while perusing the Fresh Modern Quilts Flickr group, I found myself being drawn to stacked coins quilts, too.

I designed a geese and coins quilt that could be made with a jelly roll and some background fabric. I really love the problem-solving that comes with pre-cut fabrics — how many 4½” strips can you get from a jelly roll? It’s fun to play with the math and try different ideas, maybe a border or make it taller and thinner or wider and shorter? There seem to be two types of quilters: those who love the math and geometry of it, and those who hate it. I am definitely the former! As such, I have a hard time playing around with color — I always try to make it mathematical in some way. For example, my Fandango jelly roll has 18 blue/aqua strips, 13 red-orange/pink strips, 3 yellow strips, 3 mostly cream strips, and 3 brown strips. A pre-cut is like a puzzle to me, and it’s so fun to solve! Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy? 🙂

OK, so this is where I need your help:

Now that I’ve counted the colors/values, I need to decide how I want to play the color values in the quilt. I could do columns of geese in particular colorways, and have the coins be a mash-up of sorts, like this:

Or, I could make all my geese be my cooler colors, and have the coins be warmer tones:

I could also have warm-colored geese and cool-colored coins. (“Warm geese and cool coins” has a ring to it, no?) Or I could do a kind of gradient from cool to warm across, like this cool stacked coins quilt … The possibilities go on, those are just the ones I made up in inDesign last night. I’m also hoping to avoid using white sashing, because I think the prints on creamy backgrounds will get lost, and also because I don’t have much experience playing with different background/sashing colors. I really want to try using a darker background, possibly with a different texture to it. I ordered a few small cuts of quilters linen, moda crossweave and kaffe shot cotton so I could see and feel the textures and test some different colors. (I’m not telling yet which colors I got, because I want unbiased advice!)

What would you do, color-wise? What color/type of background fabric would you use? Any other thoughts/advice/questions?


3 thoughts on “>design help?

  1. >I love both of your options. I would suggeset going back through your inspiration photos and see what you are drawn to most. I decided I wanted to do a stacked coin quilt and used 2 charm packs I had. It did not come out like I wanted at all. After the fact (as usually happens with me) I realized the stacked coins I had been most attracted to were more from colorways rather than scrappy. And mine turned out more scrappy in the contrast and colors. I still like the top but it is not one of my favorites. Learn something new every day…and that is why I love this adventure called quilting!

  2. >I sort of like the first one the best. It seems to relate to the multicolored border more. For some reason, the flying geese look like they stick out a little in the second option (or seem like they don't belong). Maybe because none of those colors are in the border?

  3. >I do the same thing with the math. WHen I made my Fandango quilt I discovered that there were about twice as many blue and green as all of the others (I split mine differently than you, mostly anything with cream background went in one pile) so I figured each block needed twice as many blue or green than the other colors… anyway… just similar techniqu 🙂

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