>I need to work on my sewing/cutting posture…


(Would you believe it took me more than an hour to make that stack of trimmings?)

So for a little while now I’ve been annoying all my friends about how my birthday is coming up “soon.” It’s actually 30 days away, but it’s a milestone birthday so I guess it’s been on my mind. What didn’t occur to me until this week, though, is that if my birthday is soon, my mom’s birthday is sooner! You’d think after almost 25 years I’d have that down… Anyway, I was really struck by the design of this quilt featured (with full pattern/tutorial) on the Burgundy Buttons blog last week. I had a layer cake of Glam Garden by Josephine Kimberling (purchased, of course, from Burgundy Buttons!) and some yardage of Kona Hibiscus just waiting to be made into a quilt. Of course, my mom’s hobby of choice is gardening, and her favorite color is purple. I think you know where I’m going with this…

(ninety-nine 4½” blocks!)

For the Friday Night Sew-In, I decided I’d better get cracking on my mom’s birthday quilt, which I’m thinking will be called “Garden Windows.” I love the way the sashing looks like windowpanes, and the bright colors in the fabric line remind me of stained glass. I was a little upset to find out that my set of forty 10″ squares wasn’t exactly made of 10″ squares… They were a little wonky, and some edges only measured 9½”! Luckily, this pattern calls for creating a bunch of triangles, sewing them to a diagonal sashing strip, and then trimming them to 4½”. This was lucky in the sense that my not-quite-10″-squares worked well for the project, but unlucky in the sense that I spent something like five hours sewing, pressing, sewing again, and trimming all ninety-nine blocks. Don’t they look pretty all neatly stacked up there?

I realized two things after the sewing and trimming marathon: First, I tend to hunch over a bit at my machine… I think I was trying to get a better perspective on the fabric going under my &frac14″ presser foot, because with ½” finished sashing, you have to be painfully exact. Second, all that trimming is hard on your back, too. Spending that much time hunched over my machine and then hunched over my cutting table has left me very sore today!

first three rows.JPG
(first three rows)

But as I started laying out the rows, I decided it was all worth it. Also, it seems the worst is behind me. It only took me a few hours this afternoon to assemble seven of the eleven rows. I’m hoping to have the top done by the end of the week. I’m pretty excited about this quilt… the one I gave my mom for her birthday back in 2005 is getting a bit ratty.


8 thoughts on “>I need to work on my sewing/cutting posture…

  1. >Oh how pretty! I think she's going to love it!A trick I've read about but haven't tried yet is to get those plastic bed risers from a place like Bed, Bath and Beyond and use them to raise your cutting table. I really need to do that – my back gets so tired hunched over my sewing table. I think I learned that one from Julie @ Jaybird Quilts.(P.S. – great job on the new blog design!)

  2. >oooh… I love it! The colors are beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to get so much done on Friday night. I tend to catch myself hunching over too.. so you are not alone.

  3. >I liked the pattern to begin with, and purple is a favorite of mine… it looks beautiful.I was thinking the same thing about my posture at the sewing machine this weekend. I have been sitting at my couch with the machine on a tv tray. The other day I realized that not only was I terribly leaning in close to see but I was making goofy faces trying to concentrate. =) I had a terrible headache by the end of the day. Next time, back to the kitchen table.

  4. >I love it! I'm sure your mom will adore it. I know what you mean about bad posture, etc. I cut out a grand total of 364 pieces of fabric a week ago Saturday, and my right thumb has been numb and tingly ever since. I managed to give myself Carpal Tunnel in under 2 hours! Surely that is an accomplishment? Thanks for the comment on my blog, I always love connecting with other crafty chicas!~Ashley / StarSparrow

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