>impulse shopping leads to impulse sewing

>I was naughty toward the end of August. I had already overspent on fabric, but when a Botany jelly roll showed up as the Quilter’s Daily Deal for only $22 plus $5 flat-rate shipping, I really just had to have it. I couldn’t really afford it, but it was a really good deal!

Anyway, while sitting on my couch Friday drinking coffee after waking up a good four hours earlier than usual, I decided to be as impulsive in using the jelly roll as I was in buying it.

botany in progress.jpg

I took inspiration (and some basic construction info) from this Moda Bake Shop tutorial and this doll quilt on Flickr.

I originally wanted to lay out my blocks like this:

botany failed layout.jpg

But I didn’t like it as much after laying it all out. The decision was made for me when I realized that the way I squared up my blocks meant that some of the seams would be impossible to line up using this layout.

So I played some more and wound up with this:

botany top.jpg

I’m much happier with this layout. I think the values work way better, and it’s easier to see the effect. My roommate helped me brainstorm the top and bottom border.

One of my favorite parts about this quilt top is that it cost less than $30! That’s pretty incredible. I think I’m going to bind it in the brown print I used for the ¾” mini-border between the blocks and the piano keys. Thoughts?

ps: Sorry for the less-than-stellar pictures. My camera has been acting funky, so I’m using my cell phone for the time being.


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