>Garden Windows — completed!



I actually finished the Garden Windows quilt a few weeks ago, but there was a delay in uploading photos. So let’s just get to it:

garden windows front.JPG

I followed this tutorial on the Burgundy Buttons blog. I used a layer cake of Glam Garden by Josephine Kimberling and yardage of Kona Hibiscus.

I really like the look of the purple sashing, but I wish I had gone a shade or two darker to make the prints pop a bit more.

For the back, I used the leftover layer cake pieces, placing them on point down the center:

garden windows back.JPG

The quilting is a little easier to see from the back. I just did straight lines down all of the sashing, extending the lines into the border. I got a few puckers, because (irony of ironies) I didn’t get my walking foot until the weekend I had to have this completed. This quilt was a birthday gift for my mom, and we celebrated our birthdays in Austin the same weekend (since they’re less than two weeks apart). I’ll update later this week and show you some goodies I got for my birthday, and a few pictures and goodies from the Austin Quilt Show.


8 thoughts on “>Garden Windows — completed!

  1. >Meghan,What a stunning quilt- Cara sent me here- I love your color choices and the vivid florals that you used- Were they Kaffe Fassett fabrics- they were brilliant!Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt.Warmest regards,Anna

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