>Have y’all heard of PBworks?

>My friend Erika told me about it a while back. It’s a free personal wiki. Here’s a screen shot of my home page:

Let me first say that this is not a sponsored post, and I haven’t tried any other sites that offer this feature. This is just something I personally find useful.

I use PBworks to organize notes to myself about different projects I have going on, and different ideas I’m mulling over or tutorials I want to try.

You can see in the image how I have my home page organized by WIPs, UFOs, and projects or techniques I need to work on soon. Several things on the list link to pages for the project, or a page with links to tutorials or inspirational images.

In my sidebar, I have links to pages with general tutorials, free purse patterns I’ve found online, hexagon pictures and tutorials, photos of Amish quilts, etc.

I love it because I can add to it from anywhere, and it’s easy to re-organize (which I did today, actually). It’s pretty easy to navigate, and they have a lot of tutorials, though I’ve never worked through one. I pretty much just figure it out as I go.

How do you organize your notes, links, images, ideas?


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