>Geese and Coins — slow progress

>I spent what seemed like forever cutting up my Fandango jelly roll for the Geese and Coins quilt. This is what I’ve got so far:

jelly roll all sliced up.JPG

About 300 4½”x2½” rectangles and about 140 2½” squares.

It was nice getting to use my new big workspace, though! My parents got me this table that adjusts to three heights and folds down nice and small when not in use. The lovely large cutting mat was a birthday gift.

This cute trash basket/pincushion was a birthday gift from the Austin Quilt Show. I know I could have made one myself, but this one was precious, and now I have time for other crafty adventures!

Next up: cutting almost 500 2½” squares and a bunch of 2½” sashing strips from my Kona Khaki yardage.

I’m finding myself easily distracted from this project, by things like a Halloween wall hanging and bee blocks


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