>flying, dancing, fluttering geese

>Are y’all getting tired of hearing about my adventures in flying geese blocks yet? I hope not, cause I’ve got some more for ya. At least this time I have something other than stacks of fabric to show!

I was up early this morning and got some sewing done. Actually, I was up late. To be even more precise, I’m still up late. Insomnia won last night, and I didn’t sleep a wink — not for lack of trying. So please forgive this overly perky, stream-of-consciousness sporadic post. I’m running on Red Bull fumes at this point.

dancing geese.JPG

Since I just happened to be taking photos while the sun was still up (doesn’t happen often!), I tried taking them outside. But they tried to fly away. So here’s a picture from my ironing board, shoddy point-and-shoot flash and all:


I wish I had more to show for my all-nighter, but I ran out of thread! I sewed up three columns of geese, each one measuring about 68 inches. (They’re taller than I am!) I probably could have gotten part of another column pieced, but I’m completely addicted to chain-piecing and I can’t stop mid-chain to run out and buy thread. So three it is.

The good news is the columns are coming together rather quickly. I have two more columns of geese and four columns of coins. Oh, and the ridiculous border I decided to make out of 2-inch squares. I was pressing seams thinking “I can totally have this ready for the Bloggers Quilt Festival,” when I remembered the border. Then I burned my wrist on the iron. I’m hoping the border comes together surprisingly quickly like the columns have been so far.

sweet table.jpg

This is totally unrelated, but few people I know in real life would truly appreciate this awesome table. I was out having a beer with my roommate and just had to take a picture of this. (By the way, Don Draper drinks High Life. I finally watched the season finale during my sleepless night.) I can’t wait to sketch something on graph paper! I think this needs to become something Christmasy…

ps: This post is linked up with Fabric Tuesday at the Quilt Story blog. If you like fabric, check it out!


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