>my love/hate relationship with scissors


The dresden I showed you in my last post was a warm-up for my bee block this month. Joanna picked out some beautiful fabrics, and her dear, patient husband cut plastic templates for us each to use (and keep).

This brings me to my love/hate relationship with scissors. I decided instead of tracing the template and cutting it out by hand, I would layer a ruler on top of it and use my rotary cutter. Looks like I may want to pick up one of those Easy Dresden rulers for future dresden adventures. I did, however, have fun using my fancy new pinking shears (Christmas gift from the little brother) to cut out the circle. Apparently pinked edges on curves help the seams lie flat.

For the first time, I got my fabric out of the mailbox and finished the block on the same day. I found it easiest to sew the wedges into quadrants and square those up before moving on. I had to trim a bit, but it lies nice and flat now. I also opted for a zig-zag stitch rather than a straight edge stitch or an appliqué stitch.

Joanna's block

Now onto some handiwork…


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