>cathedral windows

>after seeing so many beautiful things like these last week…

I decided to try my own.

cathedral window practice

I used this tutorial, but sewed the frames down by hand.

cathedral window block

To the left in that photo, you’ll see the template I cut out of a cardboard box that once held frozen pizza. The makeup brush is for cleaning my machine; I lost the lint brush that came with it.

I’m planning to collect scraps from all the projects I work on and keep adding blocks to this one. It will be a nice hand project that I can work on at my leisure. The only thing I’m not sure I did right was when I sewed the frames down, I didn’t go through all the layers, just the top few.


I’m going to ask the ladies at the Austin Modern Quilt Guild about it at our meeting tonight. Do you know if I did it right?

Also, if you’re looking at this post in a reader, please click over to the site and check out my redesign. I changed up the colors, some fonts, and the header image. What do you think?


9 thoughts on “>cathedral windows

  1. >Oh, I really like this project. It looks really difficult though. Also, I love the new header. FYI, I just gave you a blogging award, see my post from today for info.

  2. >i've seen the design before, but i've never read how to make them, so i'm not sure it's it wrong or not. But i always look at sewing as nothing is ever right or wrong, it just another way to approach the technique.Great Job on the blocks!!

  3. >I have only done them using the machine, but when you go through all the layers, it creates a pretty cathedral window pattern on the back side of the piece. So I'd say if you are making a quilt, going all the way through would be best, but if you're going to turn it into a pillow cover or hang it on the wall or something, it doesn't really matter 🙂

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