>in the works


color-coded, numbered pins

Rather than lay out the 80 double hourglass blocks that have been patiently waiting on my table for a week, I’ve decided to embark on two new projects.

First, I finished cutting my Kaffe Fassett fat quarters, using the template from this free pdf pattern, and got the pieces all laid out.

all laid out

I’m not following the pattern other than using the template, though. My blocks, as you can see, will be in a horizontal, 8×6 layout. I’m planning to hand-quilt this baby and hang it on a sad, empty wall in my bedroom. I sketched the layout in pencil on graph paper, then went back and drew my quilting motif in sharpie. This is what it looks like from the back:


I got the inspiration for the quilting from this Anna Maria Horner design. Since it’s a drunkard’s path template creating a floral motif, I’m calling it “drunkard’s garden.”

chq-quilt-along pink + brownI’m also planning to participate in the Cherry House quilt-along, but, as you can see at right, I’m combining two of the color schemes she came up with. I want to make a baby girl quilt, but I don’t want the majority of it to be a light color. I’m always so taken aback by mostly white baby quilts. Babies are dirty! I want to make a baby quilt that can get a little dirty.


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