>like sands through the hourglass

>Wow, I got so much done during the Austin Modern Quilt Guild retreat last weekend! In an effort to avoid an overly lengthy post, I’ll just show you one project today, and I’m linking up with Workshop in Progress. I meant to post this on Wednesday, but it slipped my mind with the many trips my poor car has had to make to the mechanic.

double hourglass blocks

The huge design walls at the Wimberley Quilt Ranch gave me the perfect opportunity to lay out my double hourglass blocks. As those of you who read my ramblings know, I’ve been recording how long each step of the process takes with this quilt. It took me about an hour to arrange the blocks on the design wall, with some help from fellow retreaters. This time may be a bit inflated, since we were playing a sewing drinking game at the time — it was after midnight on the Saturday when I started this process. The first time I climbed up the step ladder I almost fell off. Here’s a picture Mitzi took of me not falling down:

(photo by Mitzi Ann)

I started sewing blocks together around 1 a.m., and kept going as the room slowly emptied as my friends went to bed. I finished around 5 a.m. This puts me at about 16 hours on this thing so far.

Now, a part of me is tempted to buy some batting and backing and start quilting this sucker, but another part of me is tempted to add borders and make this a bed quilt. Right now, it measures about 64″x80″ — roughly the size of my mattress. I would need to add about 6″ worth of border. I’m considering tracking down the white-on-white polka dot that is part of the line, but which I omitted from these blocks, for a first 2″ border, then adding a 4″ border of one of the blue prints. I, of course, have no idea how I would quilt this with borders. I was planning to simply quilt a quarter inch on either side of the diagonal seams that dissect each block. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “>like sands through the hourglass

  1. >Hi, thanks for visiting me today. I would go for it and make it bed sized. I would go for a blue as the exterior border. I like to go darker on the edges because they get the most wear. You can do the diagonals as planed for the field and then stitch in the ditch and do either side of the border seams. I think that would make a good frame. Or you can do as I do when I make a bed sized quilt, send it out to a pro.

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