>stubbornness pays off

>I fully own my stubbornness. If it weren’t for my stubborn (sometimes bordering on obstinate) nature, I probably never would have gotten these blocks pieced, much less assembled this quilt top. (My last post about this project has more info on fabrics and the pattern.)

finished top

While making this (which I’m calling “drunkard’s garden”), so far I have stabbed a bone in my finger with a pin — it kind of felt like hitting my funny bone, but very precisely, and in my finger (no blood) — and used my seam ripper more times than I care to remember. And I haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet! This will be my first attempt at hand quilting. I bought some DMC Perlé 8 in black, some crewel needles (size 2), and an 11″x17″ Q-snap frame. Though after reading a few more hand-quilting tutorials, I think I need to pick up a rigid thimble. My nimble thimble may not cut it.


This is where the stubbornness comes in again. Sure, I’ve never hand quilted, but I’m determined that it will happen. Just like I was determined I could conquer curved piecing. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “>stubbornness pays off

  1. >You just can't go wrong with those Kaffe fabrics. It is wonderful no matter how you end up quilting it. Are you going to follow the curves in the blocks to quilt it?

  2. >It's beautiful! I actually bought a couple of templates on a quilt 'hop' and haven't used them yet. I work full time, so I am blaming that, but I am looking forward to making a quilt like this one of these days!

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