>don’t even know what i was afraid of

>hand quilting

maybe that it’s addicting? I may want to start hand quilting everything.


I’m practicing taking teeny stitches every so often, but for the most part I’m trying to keep my stitches mostly even. While I like the quilting frame, I wish it were a bit larger. I cant fit a whole circle without moving the frame, which takes a little elbow grease. But the ladies at the quilt shop told me the larger frame is really heavy, and I can see where it might be uncomfortable.


I used a clover clover chaco liner and a 60 degree ruler to mark the lines (which are 30 degrees apart). I’m practicing with these straight lines, and I’ll come back for the “petals” later. My quilting motif was inspired by this Anna Maria Horner quilt. (Piecing was inspired by this free pattern.) Here’s my sketch:


I’m glad this is a wall hanging, so the back won’t show. I’m also really glad I picked a dark, busy print. It perfectly compliments the front, and the quilting blends in well. It’s definitely a struggle to get it even on the back.


I definitely needed a better thimble, though. Wasn’t able to get one earlier this week cause my car’s been in the shop. I’d been using my leather thimble, but I wanted to try a rigid one. They’re supposed to help manipulate the needle more. So I haven’t worked on this since Tuesday, but I finally got my thimble. So we’ll see how the rest goes!



3 thoughts on “>don’t even know what i was afraid of

  1. >Meghan,I've spent the majority of the day reading your entire blog. I love it! It's so nice to meet other "20-something" quilters, and from a few of your posts, I gather that we're right at the same age. I really liked your Happy Campers quilt, and I have yet to try curved piecing like in your current post. Your blog has definitely inspired me to try a few new things!

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