triangle top – and boomer

One thing I love about quilting is how multifaceted it can be. Sometimes it involves intense planning, and other times you can just figure it out as you go.

Last week, I was in desperate need of a new project distraction. I had a little bundle of fat quarters from Joel Dewberry‘s Modern Meadow line that I had picked up at a quilt shop back in February.

I had recently seen this lovely quilt on pinterest, so I grabbed my 60° triangle ruler and just started cutting. Of course, in my impulsivity, I cut a couple of pieces wrong, so there are fewer of the darker prints. But I was rolling with the punches on this one, and I just made as many triangles as I could.

After getting some input on Flickr and from the Austin Modern Quilt Guild, I assembled the top Monday (just barely) before work. My roommate’s dog, Boomer, got in on the picture, and he’s just too cute to crop out!

Nuts and bolts: This will finish at about 28″x42″ and will probably become a wall hanging? I’m really not sure yet.


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