progress update

So when I wasn’t obsessively following a local murder trial, I got some sewing in today:

top quilted

I picked up the backing for this quilt fabric yesterday from the stitch lab. It’s pretty sweet when you walk into the local fabric shop (which I will be able to ride my bike to when I finally buy a bike) and the owner recognizes you. the dark blue isn’t quite as dark as it looks in this picture, but you can see the quilting really well. next up: scrappy binding.

back quilted


8 thoughts on “progress update

  1. Love! When you quilt lines like that… do you draw your lines with a pencil or fabric marker? Just curious. I usually wing it, but should just take the extra to draw our my quilting lines. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeannette! I actually hand-basted (needle and thread) along that line so I could be sure they matched up, then I spread the sandwich flat on the floor and pin-basted the rest. It worked amazingly well, and really didn’t take too much extra time.

  2. I love it Meghan! The geometric quilting is striking, the colors are great and, of course, I just adore Modern Meadow! Great job and enjoy it 🙂

  3. I thought i was losing my mind when your blog disappeared off my top sites page, thank goodness its back up and I found out you moved!! I updated my link!!… Love the quilt, I may have to do something like this for my nieces quilt, I am still so undecided on what to do and I only have 3 weeks left until I need it to be done!

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