interpreting shapes

started up on this baby again. I finished the straight lines a few months ago, and it has been lingering. Today, I gave one of the circles arches, which I was hoping would look like petals. Here’s my sketch of the quilting motif:

But once I see it in action, it’s kinda giving me an ice cream cone vibe. Like a bouquet of ice cream cones. Or a pie chart, but with scalloped edges and the sections are all the same size, and they’re ice cream cones. Does anyone else see this? Maybe they’ll look more petal-like once I get them all done. (The idea for the quilting motif came from this lovely Anna Maria Horner Quilt, by the way.)

I also made one of the pillows I talked about in this post. I made the front of the second one, and I would have it too, but in my hubris, I decided I could figure out mitered corners on my own. Well, I most certainly could not. So the time I would have spent finishing the second one was spend re-doing the border on the first one. But I think this one turned out well, and I learned something along the way (with the help of a quick video tutorial.)

These fabrics are from my stash of Jay McCarroll designs that I hunted down and hoarded after using some in a quilting bee (for Cindy)


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