Ideas for this quilt have been brewing for more than a year. When I took up quilting again in the spring of 2010, my mother asked that I make a king-size quilt for my parents’ 40th anniversary (August 2012). I decided it should be a Double Wedding Ring pattern, because how else best to mark an anniversary? But I wasn’t really pumped about the project until I came up with this.¬†In the wee hours last night, way past my already late bedtime, I started to sketch it out. My “modern” take on a traditional pattern:

sharpie sketch.jpg

I like the idea of playing with borders, extending the motif and, in this case, subtracting it. For this to be a king-size quilt, each ring will measure a bit less than 30 inches. The whole quilt will be about 100″ square.

As far as colors, my mom’s favorite is purple, and my dad’s is blue. I’m toying with the idea of purple and blue patchwork in the “rings,” a red tone for the intersecting points (and binding or backing, most likely), and a beige or warm gray for the background. I’m trying to avoid any green tones, and I think I’ll use all solid fabrics. I spent way too much time on design seeds putting this together:


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