Eleven in ’11

Wow, December kind of got away from me. Between getting sick twice, moving into my new apartment and making Christmas gifts at the last minute, I didn’t have time to catch up on Google Reader, much less to check update the blog.

I have a lot to show you in January: Christmas gifts I made for all my family members (including my brother’s dog!) and goings-on at my new home. But first, as a prelude to tomorrow’s post, a look back: 

Eleven in ’11

  1. Taught myself to hand-quilt
  2. Went to Chicago
  3. Quit drinking soda
  4. Went to Chilifest
  5. Interned at GENaustin over the summer
  6. Took the GRE and applied to graduate school
  7. Cut off (almost) all my hair
  8. (Tried to) learn to cook
  9. Sold my car (and bought a bike and a bus pass)
  10. Learned to crochet
  11. Moved into my very own apartment

So 2011 wasn’t always awesome (though I tried to stay positive for the list), but boy did I turn a few corners. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Twelve in ’12 list. Happy New Year’s Eve!


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