Christmas roundup part one: Moose’s coat

This is the time of year Central Texans curse cedar trees. I would be cursing them, too, but I haven’t been able to talk since 2011. So between sniffles, coughs and hoarse attempts at speaking, I’m going to do a series of posts about my hand-made Christmas gifts.

Last Christmas, my little brother asked me to make something for his dog, Moose. Moose is a rescue dog, thought to be a Catahoula/Bloodhound mix. He’s a pretty big dog — about 2½ feet tall and 60 pounds — but he gets cold a lot. So for Christmas this year, I finally got around to Moose’s coat:

Moose in his coat

I used the pattern pieces from McCall’s M4686, but I didn’t really follow the pattern. I just used two layers of fleece for the main piece, and one layer for the strap under the belly. Because fleece doesn’t fray, I just cut the pieces out with pinking shears (a gift from my brother last Christmas), and sewed about a half-inch in from the edges, leaving them exposed.


The coat was a big hit. I expected the dog to try to take it off, but he actually likes wearing it. At one point, the coat was on the couch in the other room, and Moose must have nosed his way into it, because he wandered in with it sort-of draped across his back.


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