Christmas roundup part two: Dad’s hat


I’m deep in planning mode for a new project using solids. But right now, it’s just a mess of scribbles and stacks of fabric. So Christmas present number two is the hat I made for my dad. I tried with all my might and spent hours working on this Crochet Seaman’s Hat, but it was taking forever. So I ended up with this super easy — and fast — one that looks super cozy. Continue reading


misadventures in crochet charts

I celebrated Thanksgiving by catching a head cold, and have spent the days since rubbing my poor nose raw with tissues, drinking tea, and eating soup. In between that, though, I’m getting caught up on Crochet School. This lesson: Reading Crochet Charts. My impetus for learning to crochet was seeing this lovely image on Pinterest:

Source: via meghan on Pinterest

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First finished crochet project: Seija hat

baby hat

So Lesson 20 in Crochet School at the Crafty Minx blog was all about reading patterns. To be honest, I started this project when I was all caught up, at Lesson 17 (granny squares), before Dana had written up and posted the wrist warmer pattern she made for the class. I haven’t decided if I’ll make the wrist warmers, though, because I can’t think of a time I’d wear them. (Either way, free pattern pdf with awesome video instructions here.)

My friend Etienne loaned me her copy of Happy Hooker, which just happened to have a super-easy pattern for a baby hat. I modified it a little — used two colors instead of three, opted to do decrease stitches instead of skipping stitches on the earflaps and nixed the braided ties that should be hanging from the earflaps (because they’ll just wind up in baby’s mouth). Here are pictures on Ravelry from people who followed the pattern as written.

My patriotic, matted teddy bear is serving as a model right now. I’m thinking this hat is a tad big for the newborn, so I’m going to hold on to it, and probably add matching booties and other goodies, until Christmas, when she’ll be about 2 months old. She’ll still probably have some time to grow into it at that point, but hopefully it’ll fit her before spring.

Change of pace

I had been feeling unmotivated in the sewing department for a while. Since I started learning to crochet in the past week, I’ve gotten all craft-obsessed again. Hours have been lost on Pinterest and Ravelry — and somehow, it has reinvigorated my desire to quilt. My mind is boggled with all the projects I want to start.

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Because I don’t have enough unfinished projects already

I bought yarn. It all started with pinterest, then I found Crochet School at the Crafty Minx blog.


Turns out I thought I knew how to crochet, but I was doing it wrong. I’m about to start lesson six. I also really need to finish the baby quilt, since the baby is scheduled to arrive at the end of this week!

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