Because I don’t have enough unfinished projects already

I bought yarn. It all started with pinterest, then I found Crochet School at the Crafty Minx blog.


Turns out I thought I knew how to crochet, but I was doing it wrong. I’m about to start lesson six. I also really need to finish the baby quilt, since the baby is scheduled to arrive at the end of this week!

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secret option number three


Horizontal lines

I was thisclose to vertical lines in the center and this type of pattern in the border (per the suggestion of Bobbi). But then I thought that horizontal lines would look pretty cool on the back. Also, the baby shower is Sunday, and I knew this would be faster. So procrastination works out in the end.

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quilting skittles


It helped that they’re only about 12″x28″. I basically started on one end, vaguely basing my pattern on the quilting in the original, then I shadowed the lines about ¼” to ½” away. Both of these panels ate up almost a full bobbin. Next up, the longer panels, 12″x56″. Hoping I can get through the pair in three bobbins. And I’m hoping I can get through them without breaking my back. I need to work on my posture, or come up with some stretches that can be done while sitting at my machine. (Or while waiting for the iron to heat up, maybe?)

(The pattern is Skittles by Kate Conklin, with a couple of slight modifications for size.)

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Today I finally got caught on on bee blocks (from so many months ago I’m embarassed to say). I really like the four “crazy pieced” blocks, loosely based on this tutorial. Though I never would have picked those fabrics, I like the way they turned out. The blocks were fun to make, and I can see where that would be a fantastic way to use scraps. And I finally got started on the crib set for my cousin’s baby. The shower is in two and a half weeks! I only made six of the twelve blocks I need for the bumper pads because I ran out of fabric.


Now, I think I’m going to bake cookies.

(More photos at my new blog.)

fires spark across state; lady gets stuck in chair, teaches important lesson

Flames burn out of control at Possum Kingdom Lake

Tonight I worked a fantastically reported story about a rash of devastating wildfires in our area. I think we had 40 going throughout the state. It was a stressfull night, but I do love breaking news. And coming in just under deadline (ok, maybe a minute or two over) and being really proud of the work everyone did. (There was quite the twitter lovefest among my coworkers. I’m going to miss them when I don’t work there anymore.)

But it wasn’t all deadlines and devastating fires. Earlier in the night, I worked a story about a lady who got trapped in a chair and almost died, but waited up all night for the newspaper delivery person. Before you laugh, you should probably read the story. It’s really sweet. And subscribe to the newspaper. It could save your life.


Images link to source/credit, from Flickr users The National Guard, top, and brad.rourke under Creative Commons license 2.0.  (The top photo is of a fire earlier this year in Texas, not one of the many that broke out this weekend.)

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all about the purple and green

Spent the majority of my afternoon putting together this lovely stack o’ fabrics:

These, along with a some other solids, are going to become a crib quilt, bumper and wall hanging for my cousin’s baby, who is due to arrive at the end of October. The shower is about a month away, so I need to get to sewing. More to come on this front.


a book and a movie

I haven’t been writing. I went to the beach and enjoyed two days of radio silence. I’ve been reading “Half the Sky,” and you probably should, too. Yes, my friends and I were the nerdy kids on the beach reading nonfiction.

Last night I saw a screening of “MissRepresentation,” which I also highly recommend. Here’s the trailer:

Not too much of the data and statistics in the documentary were surprising to me, but the film definitely opened the eyes of my friends who didn’t spend a good portion of the summer trying to figure out a way to present those issues to young girls. The teenage girls and the women in the film were inspiring, and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say.